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Technology and Media

Innovation in technology greatly influences how we work, live, and do business. We represent technology manufacturers and end-users, content distributors and content acquirers to protect, profit, consume intellectual property in ASEAN.

Types of agreements we advise on: 

Software Development, Licensing and Maintenance
This type of agreement is used by software providers to develop software and give technical support and updates for their product to end-users. This agreement is helpful for individuals or business owners who want to be sure their investment in software is protected. It ensures that end-users won’t need to worry about upgrading their systems by themselves and holds software companies accountable for their products.
Content Distribution and Sub-licensing
Typically associated with media companies which require content (movies and television series) for their platforms, such as broadcast channel. Under this type of agreement, it will describe the amount of content a media company will purchase (normally expressed in hours of run time) along with how can be shown and rerun.
Musician work-for-hire
wordsMedia companies require background music for their programs and usually will hire a freelance musician to write and perform certain music for the media company. The musician/artist will assign all copyright to the media company for ownership purposes.
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In the rapidly evolving technology and media sectors, ensure your legal frameworks are as robust and innovative as your ventures. At Legal ASEAN, benefit from strategic insights and committed support for your technology and media initiatives, protecting and enhancing your intellectual property and content agreements. Safeguard your advancements with us, where your technological and media success is legally secured and strategically propelled.

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