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Family Law

Our family law expertise covers the spectrum of familial relations in Thailand. We facilitate marriage registrations, ensuring all legalities and paperwork are smoothly handled. We’re adept at drafting prenuptial agreements tailored to Thailand’s unique context, where they mainly dictate property distribution without altering divorce laws. Furthermore, recognizing the intricacies faced especially by our expatriate clientele—many with past marriages and cross-border families—we provide robust estate planning. Our focus is on crafting clear wills that delineate asset distribution, aiming to minimize potential family conflicts by firmly articulating an individual’s wishes. 

Marriage Registration
We are here to assist you throughout the entire procedure and will ensure the process goes smoothly. We will aid you with all the paperwork associated with your marriage registration plus make sure all the legal formalities are followed.
Prenuptial Agreement
We are well equipped to draft and register a prenuptial agreement in Thailand to address property administration. For your consideration, a prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement in Thailand is unlike a prenuptial agreement in other jurisdictions. Divorce is governed under Thai Law and no agreement can change that, although a Prenuptial Agreement can dictate how Property is administered and distributed to the husband and wife. Please contact us for any assistance in this regard.
Estate Planning
Succession of an individual’s estate is a consideration that is best made during the lifetime of the individual otherwise, Thai statute will dictate essentially ‘who gets what’. In this regard, estate planning and creation of a Will to address asset distribution upon your demise is likely required. Due to the nature of our client base being expatriates, we have gained a vast wealth of experience and knowledge on how best to structure and address estate planning, as many of the expatriates we represent have previously been divorced and have children in another jurisdiction. Therefore, distribution of assets is crucial to address the issue from the prior household to that of the new household. Having a Will in place should ultimately dictate this asset distribution and ultimately reduce family quarrels and disputes, as the Will dictates the wishes of the expatriate individual.
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Family Legal Matters
We are the premier expert in Thai family legal matters, especially for expatriates. With vast experience in handling familial cases from marriage to estate planning, our dedicated team guarantees clarity and expertise, ensuring your interests are always safeguarded. Trust in us!

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