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Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, given the nature of business where promises are made and are breached, along with non-payment for goods and/or services ultimately will lead to disputes. When disputes arise, we leverage our experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration to identify a course of action. Disputes can lead to high legal costs, which are never budgeted and can create difficulties as to whether to incur legal fees without having a guarantee on the result and recovery of the legal costs incurred. Both of those realities are top of mind in deciding whether to pursue legal recourse.

Overview of Dispute Resolution

We provide a frank assessment to our clients on a potential dispute, as we look at the commercial aspects of the situation to help determinate the best path forward, whether to negotiate and settle, whether the client has clean hands in the dispute and the likely occurrence of crossclaims, whether to escalate the dispute and likely outcome along with enforcement measures required. We never take on a dispute if we cannot provide value to the client. More often than not the only parties that win in a dispute is the lawyers on both sides of the dispute. Therefore, we provide a frank and transparent review of your potential dispute to avoid unnecessary legal costs.

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By choosing us, you tap into efficient dispute resolution. We ensure clear, honest advice, guiding you to informed decisions that safeguard your commercial interests. Avoid unnecessary costs and complexity and move forward confidently with our experienced support at every step.

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