Thai Work Permit for Foreigners

Experience Law Firm equipped to help businesses apply for work permits for their employees.

Our Expert Services

Non-B Visa Assistance

Your ticket to legitimate business in Thailand. We simplify the maze, ensuring you and your team are set to go without a hitch.

Electronic Work Permits

The future is digital, and so are we. leveraging BOI’s electronic services, we expedite your work permit procedures.

Legal Advisory for Thai Market

Dive into the Thai business arena with confidence. Our seasoned expertise guides you from the initial steps to expansion and beyond.

Why Choose Legal ASEAN for Your Work Permit?

Cost-Effective Approach

We merge excellence with affordability, ensuring you receive the best service.

Unparalleled Communication

In the complex realm of Thai legalities, we stand out with our commitment to clarity. Every step, every detail, always communicated.

Local Expertise with Global Roots

While our heart beats for Thailand, our knowledge extends globally, a testament to our vast experience.

VIP Fast-Track Service

Bid farewell to long hours at the immigration department. With our VIP Fast-Track Service, process your Non-B visa rapidly. What traditionally took hours, with us, becomes a breeze, ensuring you save time and reduce stress.

Process of obtaining Thai work permit

We have simplified the process of obtaining Thai work permit into 6 simple steps. Although it seems simple the details required within each stage can quickly discourage one from taking action.

With Legal ASEAN's help.

Our skilled team of experts has got you covered. Leave the process to us, and you can concentrate on running your business hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Non-B Visa crucial for businesses in Thailand?

A Non-B Visa is the gateway for professionals to legally conduct business in Thailand. It ensures you're compliant with local laws and can operate without any legal hitches.

How does Legal Asean ensure faster visa processing?

Our deep understanding of the Thai immigration system, combined with our exclusive VIP Fast-Track Service, ensures the visa processing time is cut down significantly. Our connections and expertise within the department allow for a smoother, quicker process.

What sets Legal Asean apart from other law firms?

Our unique blend of international knowledge with a strong local focus, the exceptional VIP Fast-Track Service, and our unwavering commitment to clear communication and client success set us apart. We're not just lawyers; we're your business partners in Thailand.

Are there any hidden charges or fees in the process?

Transparency is a cornerstone of our practice. All charges are discussed upfront, ensuring there are no hidden surprises along the way.

How does the electronic work permit through BOI work?

The electronic work permit is a digital transformation initiative by Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI).
We facilitate the process, leveraging the online system to procure work permits for our clients faster and in a more streamlined manner.

Can Legal Asean assist in renewing or extending visas?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive services, ensuring that not just your initial visa application but any subsequent renewals or extensions are handled with the same level of expertise and dedication.

What industries or sectors has Legal Asean worked with in the past?

We have a diverse portfolio, assisting businesses across sectors, be it tech startups, manufacturing giants, or service-based enterprises. Our extensive experience ensures we understand the nuances of different industries, making your transition to Thailand smoother.

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Our streamlined process will help expedite your work permit approval.

Our journey together begins with a detailed consultation. We’ll understand your business, its needs, and provide insights into Thailand’s immigration landscape.

Based on our initial discussions, we’ll list down all the necessary documentation and prerequisites for your Non-B Visa application. We ensure that nothing is left out, making the process seamless.

With all documents in place, we proceed to submit your application. Our expertise ensures that the application is flawless, minimizing any chances of rejection.

This step introduces you to our crowning service, the VIP Fast-Track. Gone are the days of waiting endlessly at the immigration department. With our exclusive service, the time required is vastly reduced. Our VIP Fast-Track service can reduce your wait time exponentially, where the normal wait time could take up to 30 – 90 days.

Once submitted, we continually monitor the application’s status. We keep you updated at each stage, ensuring transparency and clarity.

On receiving the application approval, we guide you through the final formalities. Whether it’s stamping, document collection, or any other requisite, we’re with you till the very end.

Our relationship doesn’t end with visa approval. We’re here for any post-approval questions, ensuring your business runs smoothly in Thailand.

VIP Fast-Track Service allows you to experience an expedited process with a flat fee. No more spending days or weeks checking up on approval status. Talk to our expert now and see how.

Let us handle the work permits, so you can focus on what you do best; growing your business

VIP Fast-Track Service allows you to experience an expedited process with a flat fee. No more spending days or weeks checking up on approval status.
Talk to our expert now and see how.

Our streamlined process will help expedite your approval.

VIP Fast-Track Service allows you to experience an expedited process with a flat fee. No more spending days or weeks checking up on approval status. Talk to our expert now and see how.

Navigating Company Incorporation with Confidence.

We have the expertise to help you start your business quickly and efficiently.