Corporate and Commercial

We assist both domestic and foreign clients with their investment needs. We do not cater to one sector or one demographic of an investor, but rather assist in the needs of expanding your business in ASEAN. We advise on structuring transactions, drafting and negotiating definitive documents along with conducting legal due diligence.

We have a strong team in place to assist in merger and acquisitions, investment laws and incentives, expat services such as visa and work permit, as well as have key network to assist in the financial accounting and reporting as may be required.


Expanding your business in ASEAN will require the employment of not only foreign but also local resources. We have an expansive portfolio of clientele where we have assisted in tailoring employment contracts and employee handbooks for use in ASEAN.

Understanding local employment laws is a must for a new business in the market, and our firm is readily available to assist in your employment needs.

Real Estate

Assisting developers along with sellers and buyers is something we have extensive experience in by drafting, negotiating, and conducting land due diligence along with registration of transfer of title at the provincial land office.

Assessing good title to land is not always as straight forward as we are accustomed too in our home jurisdictions, therefore, we as a firm work with clients to provide the necessary comfort and understanding of local regulations, ownership, leasehold rights, and marketable/good title in real estate transactions.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes between contracting parties, employee/employer, shareholders are commonplace in business. We have experienced litigators and lawyers to handle and advise on settlement of disputes in court, arbitration forum, or during pre-trial.